Farm-Guard® Policy


Public Liability

  • Protection against claims of negligence arising from your farming operations, use of the premises or personal acts. Fire legal liability is included for real and personal property.

Physical Damage to Property of Others

  • Pays for damages to property you borrow, such as farm machinery.

Medical Payments to Public

  • Pays for accidental injury to the public on your premises, by your livestock or because of your farming operations or personal acts.

Employer’s Liability

If state law doesn’t require you to carry Workers’ Compensation, Farm-Guard® also provides:

  • Protection against liability for injuries suffered by your farm employees while working for you.

Medical Payments to Farm Employees

  • Covers medical expenses for accidental injury suffered by your farm employees while on the job, even if you are not at fault. Includes death indemnity for accidental death.

Automatic Coverages

  • Coverage for losses arising out of custom farming or feeding when receipts total less than $2,000
  • Protection from losses arising from business pursuits, except agricultural spraying, when receipts total less than $2,000
  • Contractual liability relating to the farming operations, goods or products or residence premises.
  • Personal injury protection against bodily harm, shock, or mental anguish.
  • Limited coverage for bodily injury caused by communicable disease caused by animals.

Pollution Coverage

  • Property damage protection for accidental spray drifts of farm chemicals when applied by any means other than aircraft.

Identity Theft Protection

  • With this policy, your household family members have free access to fraud specialists at Identity Theft 911, a leader in identity management and fraud education. They can assist you in preventing identity theft, replacing important documents, and resolving any identity theft occurrences.

Optional Coverages

  • Agricultural Custom Spraying
  • Custom Farming *
  • Custom Feeding *
  • Residential Rental Property
  • Business Activities
  • Employee Occupational Liability
  • Contractual Liability for Custom Farming or Feeding
  • Contract Growers
  • Home Day Care
  • Horse Boarding
  • Additional Premises
  • Medical Payments — Named Persons
  • Hunting and Fishing

* When above $2,500 in receipts

Available Premium Credits

Landlord’s Liability

  • Owner Occupied —35% reduction in premium when the landlord has leased 90% of the farm to a tenant. The landlord must not have direct control over the farm premises or any interest in the farm equipment or livestock.
  • Non-Occupied — 50% reduction is premium when the landlord does not live on the farm or have any direct control over the farm premises.

Livestock Exclusion

  • A 20% reduction in premium when no livestock are owned by or in the care, custody or control of the insured.

Country Home Option

  • A 40% reduction in premium when total acreage is less than 100 acres and only incidental farming operations are conducted.